Croda International Plc

Working closely with the designer and project manager, my role was to artwork, retouch and carry out amends on the entire annual reporting suite, this included the annual report and accounts, sustainability report and all supporting documents for the AGM. In addition to this all graphical elements were then extracted for use on the online version as well as supplied to the client for presentations etc.

This annual report was awarded winner of the best 250 annual reports in the IR Society awards 2015

Croda annual report and accounts 2014/15

A 144 page document (plus covers), with full financial section at the back. All graphical elements required artworking as well as cutting out all directors head shots and retouching any images where required.

Croda sustainability report 2014/15

This was in essence a condensed version of the full annual report, however much of the content had to be changed and adapted to fit the reduced format, and for a period both documents were live meaning two sets of amends had to be carried out.